Lets Face It

I’m a foodie of sorts.  In my book I mention how cooking can be used to make children more familiar with their heritage.  I have attached a few recipes designed to do just that to this page.  Check them out!

Stay tuned

I am now writing a twice-a-week Blog. 

would very much like for you to check it out and, if you find it interesting become a follower.  There may be an additional discount on my book for followers of my Blog.

Things in the Works

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You can also find information about the book and some excerpts that hopefully will compel you to purchase. Check out the title page.

Depending on sales

There is another book in the works.  It will build on a period of time in my life when I served as a Catholic Lay Minister aboard a US Navy amphibious carrier.  During the cruise that took us through both the Panama and Suez canals on a trip to and from Viet Nam, I had the opportunity to minister to the Catholics on a ship with crew and passengers of about 2500 people.  The homilies I wrote will serve to backdrop the times and philosophies of an interesting period in our history and my life.

My book “Harnessing a Heritage” is now finished and ready for purchase.  You will find a link on this site to purchase at a discounted rate from the Amazon.com list price.