The Mortician's Convention

 The Wrotten Show

 Started acting as a means to learn about communities I moved to as a Navy Dentist. Through that I met interesting people and found an outlet for my creative side. When I left the Navy and moved to Southern California I realized I needed professional help to compete.  So I began what has now been almost 20 years of training.
Work Samples / History

I’ve been represented for most of that time.  And I have found many friends.  Jay Silverstein directed me all 14 hours of the shoot for the PSA, “The Mortician’s Convention”.  His, “Dee, Dee, you do it for me.” Has sustained me through many commercial rejections.

Paula Fell, who wrote six episodes of “The Wrotten Show” is still an inspiration to me as she continues to write for stage. It was Paula who introduced me to Kurt St Amant, who is one of my favorite Directors.  Oh, and I owe Nick Omani big-time for working with me to develop my Voice demo.  His guidance is a major reason for my success in the
commercial world.